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Bond 22 Titled Quantum of Solace

Published January 24, 2008 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Columbia Pictures.
Casino Royale Poster Casino Royale

After calling the latest Bond installment Bond 22 for God only knows how long, Sony Pictures has announced today that the film's official title will be Quantum of Solace. The title comes from a collection of short stories (found in the anthology For Your Eyes Only) published by Ian Fleming back in 1960

Bond 22 Titled Quantum of Solace

While I was really hoping for a title that returned to sexual innuendos, that is not the case with Quantum of Solace. The next installment is described as a revenge thriller and will feature Olga Kurylenko as the new Bond girl, Camille. Bond's target will be Dominic Greene, played by Mathieu Amalric (The Diving Bell and the Butterfly), a ruthless businessman who is out to control huge natural resources.

Though there was some negative reception when it was announced that Daniel Craig would play Bond in Casino Royale, his portrayal of the character forced most to put their foot into their mouth. With fans now on his side, expect to see him for a few Bond installments.

"We have talked about doing some more films with him and he seems very happy to do that," said veteran Bond producer Barbara Broccoli. "So we will do it one at a time."

In describing the story, Kurylenko tells reporters, "James Bond is after revenge, and Camille is after revenge & They have slightly different goals, but in the end they are going to have to collaborate."

Now the only mystery is the choice of title. Couldn't we have had something snappy like Never Let Never or Vulvagun? With some publications already calling Quantum of Solace the worst Bond title ever, Daniel Craig and Sony have reason to defend their decision.

"At the end of the last movie his heart's been broken and he doesn't have that quantum of solace, he doesn't have that ... closure on what happened in his life and he needs to find out," Craig told Reuters in an interview.

Forget the name, as Quantum of Solace is expected to contain twice as many action sequences as Casino Royale.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Columbia Pictures.

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