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Donald Sutherland on Fool's Gold

Published January 30, 2008 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Warner Bros Pictures.
What is Donald Sutherland doing in a Kate Hudson/Matthew McConaughey romantic comedy? Well, Fool's Gold is a rom-com adventure with the duo playing divorced treasure hunters. Sutherland plays the wealthy benefactor who finances their mission, while trying to reconcile his own relationship with his daughter. Sutherland has played rich before, so he knows a thing or two about the type.

Sutherland's Rich Role for Fool's Gold

"Well, they're not like the rest of us," said Sutherland. "That's all. I mean, maybe they are, but they're never very far from a really good doctor. Many of them don't think of what things cost, but the ones that I know personally, some of them are self-made and some have familial ties. They're extraordinarily well educated."

While the film does not focus on the rich guy's backstory, Sutherland knew where he came from. "I think that with him he had an invention. I watched 60 Minutes a couple of weeks ago with that kid who did Facebook. Bill Gates gave him whatever it was, $275 million, as startup money to own fifteen percent of the company. Once that kind of thing happens to you, you have to start making a lot of decisions. George Lucas or Steven [Spielberg], those guys, they have to make a lot of decisions. I think that happened to Nigel, the character from Fool's Gold, in such a bewildering way. So he had a lot of time on his hands, more time than he'd ever had before and he was never able to get the reality of his life in harmony, in sync. That was epitomized in his relationship with his daughter and her mother, but physically his daughter."

Fool's Gold Donald Sutherland is Nigel Honeycutt

It may seem like Nigel is just the guy who throws money at women to avoid dealing with them, but he is a bit deeper than that. "He just loves women. He does. You don't feel like you're seventy-two even though you are seventy-two and you have to constantly keep reminding yourself that you're seventy-two because sometimes you feel like you're fifty-two. But I loved his imagination. Just his eagerness to try and find a relationship with his daughter and to have this opportunity to go on a treasure hunt and to grab at it, to say, 'Oh, I'm going to pay this much money and this is going to happen and maybe my daughter and I will…and what an adventure it is.' And he ends up with a bunch of gold."

Fool's Gold opens to theatres on February 8th.

For the trailer, poster and more movie info, go to the Fool's Gold Movie Page.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Warner Bros Pictures.

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