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Over Her Dead Body

Published February 2, 2008 in Movie Reviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of New Line Cinema.
Over Her Dead Body Over Her Dead Body
I forgive Eva Longoria for Over Her Dead Body. She picked enough movies to show something different, like the tough girl in The Sentinel and the doting wife in Harsh Times that she's allowed to take a paycheck job. Somebody asked her to do her thing so why not let her? It's a shame her payday will be so viciously scrutinized though.

Review: Over Her Dead Body

What exactly is the joke here? She's a ghost who wants to stop her fiancé from dating a living person. So she's the bad guy, right? And what's her plan? Just keep talking loudly? What a big comic set piece that is. There are a few visual effects gags but not funny ones.

The jokes just aren't funny. People are frustrate with her 'tude, not even as normal people would be. There's a bad psychic, a bad cook, extended farting noises so at a certain point you laugh at, not with the movie. They really played bad pickup lines and bad dates in act three.

Paul Rudd manages to have deadpan fun. His clearly improvised lines are the only signs of wit in the movie. Jason Biggs pratfalls with gusto but needs the creativity of American Pie to shine. He does get a good freakout at the end.

I'm sorry, Eva, but it really is Gabrielle all over again. I'm fine with you doing it, they just didn't give you anything as clever to warrant your talents. The girls are delightful too, it's just they only have to play the scheming babes whose perfect plans will backfire on them.

Longoria is actually hardly in this movie? After she dies, she doesn't reappear for a while, and then there are only sporadic scenes where she makes trouble for the new girl. Most scenes involving her relationship or Rudd and his sister are Eva-less. So way to get top billing for a supporting role.

As my date pointed out, the random gay guy has the funniest line in the movie. Otherwise, this movie is like Ghost if Ghost had sucked.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of New Line Cinema.

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