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Colin Farrell In Bruges

Published February 5, 2008 in Movie Interviews
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Focus Features.
In Bruges Poster In Bruges
The dark gangster comedy In Bruges stars Colin Farrell as a hitman bumming around the city waiting for an assignment. He complains about the touristy crap, preferring instead to drink it up with the locals. In real life, Farrell found one relaxing spot for his downtime.

Farrell Sightsees In Bruges

"I was knackered after most days so I found a nice steam place to go to, like unisex steam place," said Farrell. "No, no, no, it's all above board. It was great. I loved it. They didn't know who the f*ck I was, man, which made it even better. And all different body shapes and sized. It was beautiful and we all just sat together and talked sometimes and just steamed most nights. I liked Bruges. I did. I enjoyed it. It's a really beautiful city but it was cold when we got there. It was the middle of winter and it was dark at four o'clock in the afternoon, so there was kind of this sense of impending doom around the next corner, cobblestone streets. There was an eeriness to all that which was beautiful."

His character, Ray, has had a traumatic incident in his recent past, so part of the trip involves him dealing with his actions. "I think the majority of us as human beings have a certain amount of conflicts that resonate within us to varying degrees. Ray certainly has a load of conflict. In a way, he's not fully formed. He's still like a big lump of plasticine that is just very pliable and he's trying to figure out what shape he's going to take and how much of that will be based on the actions that he's put into play and how much of that can possibly be as a result of the universe. How much that does affect our existence is another matter. I think he's asking questions and searching more than he ever did before based on what he's been through."

For all its deep and violent themes, In Bruges has lots of comedic banter too. "There was two lines that just I actually had to put the script down. When he says, 'Amsterdam, that's just full of bloody prostitutes.' And so she says, 'Yes, that's why I came to Bruges. I thought I'd get a better price for my p***y." There's a great line where Harry is on the train, the channel tunnel, going to Bruges to do the deed. He sits down in front of a businessman and the businessman says something to him like, 'You going to Bruges on business or something?' Harry looks at him and says, 'If I wanted to talk to a c***, I would have gone to the talk to a C*** shop.' So those were two I remember I couldn't believe it."

All those levels lead Farrell to describe In Bruges as the best script he'd ever read. Wonder how Michael Mann or Oliver Stone would feel about that. "They'll feel fine, I'm sure. They have an idea of who they are and how good they are and how strong they are as artists. They'd be fine with it."

In Bruges opens to theaters on February 8th.

For the poster, trailers, stills and more movie info, go to In Bruges Movie Page.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Focus Features.

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