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Anton Yelchin Drafted Into Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins

Published March 18, 2008 in Casting Update
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of WireImage, Hollywood Reporter
Anton Yelchin Anton Yelchin
When the heck did Anton Yelchin become so popular? It turns out that getting blasted in Alpha Dog was the best thing to ever happen to him. He has since been picked up to play Chekov in Star Trek and is now looking to pick up a title character in Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins.

Anton Yelchin in Talks to be Terminator's Kyle Reese

Anton Yelchin is in talks to join McG's Terminator Salvation as post-apocalyptic warrior Kyle Reese.

Yelchin will play a teen version of Reese, the man who later fathered world savior John Connor in the original Terminator film. Reese, one of the children who survived a machine-driven nuclear holocaust, befriends Marcus (Sam Worthington), an early edition of the Terminator cyborg played in previous films by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Kyle was played by Michael Biehn in the original Terminator. From then on Biehn stuck close to James Cameron with films including The Abyss and Aliens. Biehn's Kyle went back in time to pop his cherry, impregnate Sarah Connor, fight some futuristic cyborg, and father John Connor. Like most military dads, he didn't stick around for the pregnancy.

Terminator Salvation picks up with their son (Bale), now in his 30s, fighting desperately to save a decimated civilization against machines that have taken control. It's still unclear on when John and Kyle actually meet.
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of WireImage, Hollywood Reporter

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