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Rolling Stones Hits: Shine a Light

Published April 3, 2008 in Movie Reviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Paramount Pictures
Shine a Light Shine a Light

I don't know music like I know movies. My favorite artist of all time is Meat Loaf. But these so-called Rolling Stones are pretty good. I think they might have a future in this business.

Review: Shine a Light

Opening Shine a Light with the chaos of building sets and planning the shoot, even trying to get a set list confirmed sets the right stage. As soon as the performance starts, everything is on. This is where the chaos of the rock lifestyle pays off. It also helps that we go from grainy black and white to high detailed color.

You see the type of camera moves Scorsese was trying to plan in the first scene, and it lets us swoop over the crowd and get up on stage, close up with the band. That's better than you can do at the show. Two songs in it's like, "Okay, hold still now." All the movement made me antsy, but they eventually slow it down as the songs dictate.

I actually knew a lot of the Stones songs, so that's impressive. They do all their hits in the beginning and the end. They have some good stuff in between too. Their B sides rock and covers are good too. I could have done without the country and blues numbers but if that's what they want to explore… Christina Aguilera makes an awesome duet.

Yeah, Mick Jagger can dance. I'd look silly doing that. Cutting in old interviews with the Stones shows their growth. It's sometimes ironic but you see how they go from excited kids to experienced performers, and it's a good way to cut out some of the concert filler.

They do pull some of the usual concert stuff that annoys me in real life shows. That "I can't hear you" sh*t is really annoying. Excuse me, I paid for these tickets. I shouldn't have to shout. You can take my word for it that I'm enjoying the show. And the built-in encore bothers me. Of course, the Stones deserve an encore, but don't act like you already know you're getting it. As if they weren't going to sing "Satisfaction" before the end of the night unless, by chance, someone wanted them to stay and play a little more. But that's the business now, it's not their fault.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Paramount Pictures

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