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Fred Brings Extra Dollars for Zombie Strippers

Published April 21, 2008 in Movie Reviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Sony Pictures
Zombie Strippers Poster Zombie Strippers
I have a potential conflict of interest with Zombie Strippers. See, I date strippers so I'm really sensitive to the portrayal of strippers in film. Fortunately, the makers of Zombie Strippers did me proud.

Review: Zombie Strippers

What happens is the military is called in to exterminate a zombie epidemic in a science lab. In the future, they have experimented with re-animation so they could bring back dead soldiers to continue fighting the war (That's a good idea. That would make them almost universal soldiers.) But one gets out into an underground strip club, bites the star dancer and makes her even hotter than ever.

Beginning with delightful political jokes, Zombie Strippers has the sense of humor that Flight of the Living Dead should have had. References to Bush, Schwarzenegger, Jeb and Osama are easy, but fun. It's so overt it's great. It's not The Daily Show but it's not dumb. The jokes are well read, if not subtle.

The film goes through all the military clichés in the opening scene. The actors know what they're playing. They've got the timing and deadpan that lacked in Superhero Movie. It's ridiculous that they have such thin, big titted soldiers, but we know what they're leading up to. The Elvis guy made me laugh.

The stripper stuff gets a little stupid. There are fewer insights there, just hammy clichés like the goth chick, the "how you say" Russian, the innocent farm girl. The philosophy they spout is a bit much and maybe too lofty for Zombie Strippers, but it pays off somewhat after the outbreak. Still, if you're making Zombie Strippers, why not talk about Nietzsche? Zombie Strippers has more to say about society than all of last year's Oscar nominees.

The affects of the zombie outbreak on strip club culture is amusing, and at least there's some nudity in a horror film. It's surprisingly well shot, framed, composed and edited with some good gore kills and visual effects. How is it that Zombie Strippers has more production value than most studio films?

They do completely forget that one character got bit, and he never turns into a zombie himself, but who's watching Zombie Strippers for continuity? The most offensive bit may be the "stinkin' badgers" line, only because UHF did it and the same cult audience should know that. But even that pays off later, either as an apology or a turnaround they were setting up the whole time.

Zombie Strippers is the best zombie stripper movie ever made. Joyfully ridiculous, action packed, sickly brilliant and twistedly clever, you get your money's worth with Zombie Strippers. It is a modern day exploitation film that would make Grindhouse proud.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Sony Pictures

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