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Second Attempt: The Incredible Hulk

Published June 12, 2008 in Movie Reviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Marvel
The Incredible Hulk Poster The Incredible Hulk
I'm a firm believer that not every movie should be a transcendent experience. Some movies should just be what they're supposed to be, so that if you're in the mood for that kind of movie, you can count on it. The Incredible Hulk is a Hulk movie. It's exactly what a Hulk movie needs to be.

Movie Review: The Incredible Hulk

The origin montage both reboots the film and catches up anyone who may for some reason not understand the concept of "he turns green when he gets mad." Seeing Bruce Banner's zen practices are an interesting new age way to try to deal with it. The on screen counter is a really nice touch to simplify and illustrate Banner's struggle.

The first Hulk out is great at hiding the main attraction but showing us enough to get us excited. This Hulk seems way bigger than the last one, way more forceful in all the things he hurls around.

The destruction is big and loud but it is artistic destruction. It's about all the different ways he can break stuff, and strategically break it.

It's kind of like King Kong, with big creatures fighting. It's not quite as intricate or heartfelt as Peter Jackson, but it's that concept. It basically ends with two monsters fighting, but it's a good fight.

The story is your traditional "government wants to keep it as a weapon" story. Hey, it worked for all the Aliens films. It's a classic drama of intentions, those that think violence can be used for good, and those who just want to get rid of it.

With all the violence, we conveniently see no dead bodies. There were plenty of military vehicles smashed with people inside, and lots of debris flying around. But no bodies. I understand the idea of keeping it light, but a part of me feels like the aftermath is kind of an integral part of this character's dilemma.

It's funny to me that people will think this has more action than the Ang Lee version. It actually has less. There are only four Hulk outs, and Ang Lee's had at least five. Even if you don't like the dogs, that was an action scene.

I didn’t mind the Ang Lee one. I thought the comic book paneling didn't work but it was a valid attempt at a Hulk movie. I don't think this is any better or worse. It's just another Hulk movie.
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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Marvel

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