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JJ Shows Some of Star Trek!

Published June 27, 2008 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Paramount, AICN
Star Trek Poster Star Trek
I always felt that I was one of the few my age who enjoyed Star Trek (meaning the original films). Sure, I had a nice collection of friends into Star Wars, but Star Trek seemed to require that extra leap; or should I say warp jump? I can watch Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan over and over again and, as a kid, I greatly appreciated the hilarity to Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. Spock learning to use slang? Let the laughs begin.

I fell out of the franchise as soon as it was handed to the Next Generation and never watched any of the Star Trek and Star Trek-like series on television.

Once it was announced that JJ Abrams -- I was originally cheering on Bryan Singer -- was not only going to helm a new Star Trek but one that would predate the first installment, I was once again hooked. If this guy can create an entire multi-season series about a mysterious island, he likely has the skills to reboot a franchise with God knows how many (little?) supporters.

But enough of the nostalgic euphoria, as Abrams has come far enough along with the prequel to show off a couple scenes from it.

Some of Star Trek Seen

Harry over at AICN was given the privilege to visit JJ Abram's editing room in order to view some of the first not-so-finished sequences from Star Trek. Though Harry claims to have not understand all of that he saw, he is shown one clip from the film that gives us our first description of the franchise's new and younger cast.

The newer version was much much grander. It feels as though some Intergalactic Pearl Harbor has happened and all the cadets are anxious to get underway. You’d see cadets running to meet their shuttles – and as shuttles filled up, they took off to take their crews to their respective starships. They hold on the long shot – we hear Leonard McCoy being assigned to the Enterprise – You catch Uhura being assigned to a place… not the Enterprise. You see Chris Pine as Kirk demanding to know why his name wasn’t called out – apparently Kirk is in trouble.

But then there’s McCoy – when you see McCoy… you’ll realize how metaphysically perfect Karl Urban was for the casting of the character. He’s got that right cantankerous, best buddy, ethical, but anything for his friend type of doc attitude...

We see Uhura confront Spock regarding her assignment to NOT the Enterprise. Zoe Saldana doesn’t look like the Uhura we knew – she looks young and hungry, confident and determined. And Spock… perfect.

Got your attention? Then check out the rest of the report on Star Trek here.

Star Trek opens to theaters on May 8, 2009.

For the teaser, posters and more info on the film, go to the Star Trek Movie Page.
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Paramount, AICN

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