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WALL•E a Brilliant Piece of Art

Published June 27, 2008 in Movie Reviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Disney
Wall•E Poster WALL•E
Pixar has done it again. WALL•E is a brilliant piece of art. This is the next level of Pixar's promise and ambition. Short of a toy getting abandoned by his teenage owner, I don't know how much more a film could move me.

Review: WALL•E

It's a pretty wonderful visual feast. Buildings made from trash cubes are a sad commentary but offer a positive hope that something can come from it. We understand everything WALL•E is doing, and not because his little beeps kind of sound like words. It's all visual and it's clear.

WALL•E's collection of human remnants brings joy to all the little things we take for granted. The whole first act of the movie is the joy of discovery. They've turned the mundane into magic.

It's not quite looking for supplies (which you know from my I Am Legend review is my real fetish), but it's still exploring what's left in the wasteland so I loved it. Inside jokes abound for both techies and the nostalgic.

There is a video explanation about what happened to earth, but the whole rest of the movie is silent robots, so I'll allow them that bit of exposition.

Where the film gets truly profound is in its revelation of what people have become in the future. We've seen social commentary via future sci-fi before, but it's never been this astute or accurate. Hopefully it'll reach the kids before they're set in their text messaging, virtual ways. By the time they jab the "Stay the course" message in there, WALL•E becomes the most socially relevant allegory ever.

There is some beautiful animation in here too. Sequences in space rival 2001, though admittedly the cute childlike aesthetic is a quite different approach. So my comparison is unfair but I like to declare things.

WALL•E is everything I want a Pixar movie to be. It's a whole new world, in this case not quite within ours and definitely not independent of ours, but perhaps a world ahead of ours. It is meaningful, funny and heartfelt.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Disney

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