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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Gives Fans Their Fix

Published August 15, 2008 in Movie Reviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of LucasFilm
Star Wars: The Clone Wars Poster Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Star Wars: The Clones Wars is a perfectly respectable project for junkies to get their fix. The story may not have much broad impact, but it is a solid Star Wars adventure. Basically, it's a fun ride that delivers, when it certainly could have gotten away with just coasting.

Review: Star Wars: The Clone Wars

The story is about Ahsoka, a new padawan training with Anakin. Anakin plays a major supporting part, so there is someone you recognize. Obi Wan and Yoda pop up occasionally, but really as cameos.

The mission is for Anakin and Ahsoka to rescue Jabba the Hut's son. Count Dooku is has some treachery planned that will hurt the allies' position with the separatists and I don't follow any of that. Point is, they have to save the baby and fight droids.

The action is cool. They really continue to find ways to add nuance when they have all the familiar robots, creatures and laser weapons. Even though they have all the CGI at their disposal, the action remains consistent with the rest of the series. Nobody does any outrageous moves that they couldn't do in the live action prequels.

They take the cartoons seriously enough that the drama still works. The issues they touch upon with Anakin trying to be a teacher work. It's not just cartoons talking.

Personally, I'm not so attached to Star Wars that I need to explore every possible story in every corner of that mythology. I'm fine with the Luke and Leia trilogy. But I respect how Clone Wars feels like a viable part of that universe. The CGI looks a bit different but it has all the key elements that make it look like Star Wars. The hut baby is adorable and the droids are funny.

The ending may be anticlimactic. I mean, they do have a TV show to set up, but it's also the feeling that yeah, they finished the mission, but what does that really mean in the grand scheme of things? The war is still going on and the main characters haven't really learned all that much. But it was a cool ride. It's more exciting than The Phantom Menace and makes more sense than Attack of the Clones.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of LucasFilm

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