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Robert Pattinson on Twilight

Published August 26, 2008 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Summit Entertainment
Rabid fans of the Twilight books got a chance to see some footage of the first movie, and meet the hunky actors who play their beloved vampires. Robert Pattinson plays Edward Cullen, the angsty suitor of Bella (Kristin Stewart). Even nice vampires get tempted when they're in intimate proximity with supple young necks.

Twilight's Robert Pattinson

"I think the more Bella says, 'I'm not scared of you, you're not a monster" blah blah blah, the more I believe it myself," said Pattinson. "I kind of forget that I am a vampire and what my actual urges are and I try to kiss her and obviously it kind of ends up being a nightmare. She has this hormonal rush and I have the kind of 'I will kill you.' It kind of ends up being more sexy in a way. You're at a point where you kind of want to do everything and kill them at the same time. It's like the peak."

If that sounds familiar to fans of the books, Pattinson assures you that there's more. "The only difference is the action scenes aren't really in the book because the book's written from Bella's perspective. Most of the time she's either unconscious or everybody's moving too quickly so they don't know what's going on. All the action stuff is put in so you can see it."


Twilight's vampires are different than some of the popular myths. "I guess it's kind of easy to make it clichéd. Just there's so many hundreds of thousands of vampire movies and also in the story, they're not really conventional vampires. They don't even look like vampires and they don't die in the sun. It's kind of every little characteristic of vampires is just abandoned. I was trying to do it like in as basic a way as possible. You just get bitten by somebody and then you're a vampire and you live forever and you're super strong and stuff and you don't really know what happens."

From no familiarity with the books to witnessing the phenomenon firsthand at Comic Con, Pattinson is trying to keep his center. "It's bizarre. You kind of know that it is essentially the book. The book has so many obsessive, obsessively loyal fans. It's strange because people just immediately relate you to the character right away rather than you as an actor. I haven't actually looked [online] since [I got the part]. It is kind of weird. When you read the description of him, it says he's so beautiful it hurts to look at him. I think it's kind of difficult to act that so I wouldn't really know how to go about doing it. I hope there's been a lot of post production."

Twilight opens to theaters on November 21st.

For the trailer, poster and more movie info, go to the Twilight Movie Page.

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Fred Topel
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