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CCH Pounder on The Shield

Published September 2, 2008 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of FX
The Shield The Shield
While Shawn Ryan and Michael Chiklis are careful to temper expectations about the season finale of The Shield, CCH Pounder just lets it all out. She's bragging about their final hour.

CCH Pounder Talks Up The Shield

"I think it's the greatest finale ever that you'll ever see anywhere, hands down," she exclaimed. "Blew my socks off. I'm not a great fan of The Shield as a watcher in the sense of I'm like a cringy person. I'm a bit of a chicken even though my role is so huge and non-chicken-like, but this finale is what Vic Mackey deserves."

Pounder plays Claudette Wyms, a tough detective who's always suspected Vic Mackey. "First of all, I came to the show as a man technically because the role was for a man. The idea that you were going to be one of the boys sort of played out, I think, very well for me. I think it's kind of wonderful to be in a hardboiled suit but you've got some morsels of compassion to dish out."

Wyms may still hold Mackey accountable in the final 13, but don't call her the moral center of the show. "I'm a little tentative about talking about the moral center of a show, which always makes me sort of [say], 'Umm, what the hell does that mean?' It always bothered me as a label that she was the moral center of the show but I enjoyed very much, regardless of the testosterone of which there was a great deal of on and off the set. It's wonderful to be able to look at it and kind of be women and walk through it and infuse the story with the powerfulness and the tenderness of women. I really did enjoy that."

The Shield returns Tuesdays on FX, starting Sept. 2.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of FX

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