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Ali Larter on Heroes Season Three

Published September 9, 2008 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of NBC
Heroes Heroes

Well, Nikki Sanders lived through that explosion at the end of Heroes Season Two. Ali Larter is back for the third season, and the third volume titled "Villains." Since Nikki has had a dark half before, the subtitle might apply to her again.

Ali Larter Returns to Heroes Season Three

"Everyone this year is just a little bit darker," Larter said. "It's a little bit faster. It's a little bit more complicated and somehow it all just gels. I don't know how these writers are able to really interlock all these characters the way that they do, but they do an incredible job at it. I've gotten to work with some of them this year and it's fun. It's fun when you see them on set and with all of us who already have such a history you get to bring that to the roles."

Season three has brought Larte and Hayden Panettiere together for the first time. "I'd never worked with her before so that's really fun and we're all kind of sitting on the sofa and hanging out. There's something nice about the familiarity that you get when you're on a show for this many years. We just had the littlest bit, but I have such respect for her as an actress. I think she's incredible and I hope that we get to work together more. I think that you can fit us both in a scene, you can fit us in there so lets do it."

Heroes Promo Photo Ali Larter is Niki Sanders

With all the developments going on this year, don't worry if you've missed out on the first two seasons. Larter says you can catch up pretty easily.

"I think what's great about this year is that we are going back to kind of the root of the first season, to the core of it, which is the original characters that I think people really started to respond to and relate to. I think this year is just going to be fast. I think you better hold on tight because it's going to be a ride. It's going to be a really good year."

Of course she'll still be kicking some ass. "They always make us pretty physical. That's part of our show, that we can do things that you can't. I love doing that stuff, but I have an incredible stunt double named Kristin and she comes in and makes me look good. We do as much as we can and then we let the professionals come in."

Heroes returns Sept 22. on NBC.
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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of NBC

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