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My Dream Movie Theater

Published October 2, 2008 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | MSNBC
Oh Man - Village Roadshow stole my idea on a high-budget movie theater. While I would have loved to own one, the company is releasing an entire chain across the US! How awesome is this?

Awesomely Expensive Movie Theater

We all know that movie theaters make nothing on actual ticket sales. They are dependant on their expensive concessions. Hence why 24 ounces of coke costs about four to five bucks. That's where they get you.

Because of this I've always contemplated the idea of a high-end theater where there are much fewer seats and ticket buyers would get actual seat numbers; meaning no more need to get to the theater early. Where the theater would really come out ahead is by serving great food and cocktails. Since the studios can't take my earnings on food and booze, it sounds like a win/win.

Well, the good people at /film have discovered the first video tour of a theater from Village Roadshow that does exactly what I wanted to do. Sure, the ticket prices are expensive, but I'd still do pay the theater a visit for any major film release. And I love cocktails.

If somebody knows where I might find one of these in Southern California, feel free to holler.

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Ryan Parsons
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