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On Blu-Ray: 1408

Published October 6, 2008 in DVD News
By Fred Topel | Image property of TWC
1408 Poster 1408
Well, how good can a movie about a hotel room look? Granted, it’s supposed to be a scary hotel room and they change it up enough, but 1408 has an uphill battle. It counterattacks right away with such clarity that you’re impressed by the drab beige tinted freaky green.

Blu-Ray Review: 1408

They do cool effects like the windowless wall and the frozen room to change it up. Those brief sections do indeed look great with the white winter haze and the ghostly apparitions tumbling around the ledge-hanging hero. Certainly the burnt out finale has plenty of charred details to see, but most of the film is in the regular old room.

So the hairs in the ugly carpet become impressive details. The shine from the light fixtures on the wallpaper becomes fascinating. Mainly, it’s just so clear that you can focus on John Cusack freaking out. Every twitch of his performance conveys everything he intended with no distractions.

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Fred Topel
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