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On Blu-Ray: Can't Hardly Wait

Published October 6, 2008 in DVD News
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
Can't Hardly Wait Can't Hardly Wait
I imagine Sony wasn’t going through their catalog thinking this simple teen comedy would be a sweet Blu Ray demo. More likely, they were doing the 10 year anniversary already so might as well milk a hi-def title out of Can’t Hardly Wait. Perhaps appropriately, it looks like an ‘80s movie.

Blu-Ray Review: Can't Hardly Wait

The film has a vintage qualities that puts Can’t Hardly Wait in line with the classics of a decade prior. There is just enough grain to keep it looking like film, but a polish that shows a hi-def restoration. Some of that polish may be due to the hair products and makeup used, but it works.

There are some nice colors with Seth Green’s loud wardrobe and Jennifer Love Hewitt’s hot fashion, with occasional sojourns away from the party. However, the main setting is a banal suburban house party.

The most amazing thing is how much all the actors have changed in 10 years. Growing up with them year to year, they always seem like kids to me, but taking a look back, they really were babylike up and comers. Now the Blu Ray serves as a time capsule for their pivotal moment.

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Fred Topel
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