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Lee Pace on Pushing Daisies

Published October 6, 2008 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of ABC
Pushing Daisies Pushing Daisies
The pie maker is back. Pushing Daisies returns for a second season, starring Lee Pace as Ned, the pastry specialist with the power to bring back the dead, briefly. Picking up where they left off, Pace filled fans in on the first few new episodes.

Lee Pace Keeps Pushing Daisies

"In the first episode, Chuck moves out," said Pace. "As far as the romance goes, it’s Ned trying to fight to get her back. I like Ned best when he’s fighting for something. It’s something great that Bryan [Fuller] built into the character. When he’s out of his element, he’s fighting to get comfortable again, so there’s always something to do. Olive is going to be in a nunnery. We’re trying to earn that maybe there is something between Ned and Olive. I think it might develop into a triangle a little bit."

Each week will still have mysteries to solve, as Ned revives the murder victim for clues. "In the first episode, we’re in a honey factory. In the second episode, we’re at the circus. In the third episode, we’re at the nunnery. In the fourth episode, we’re dealing with frescorts, which are friends-for-hire. They’re not escorts, but frescorts. It’s always something. It goes back and forth. There are some episodes where we have more procedural than romance stuff. I love doing the romance. It’s fun to do. The morgue is fun because we get really fun guest stars. But, me and Anna will shoot a scene in the apartment, and it’s fun just to fall in love."

Even though Ned can never touch Chuck again, or he'd send her back to the grave for good, the show avoids lingering on longing. Instead Chuck and Ned are optimistic about their relationship. "What I love about this show is that we’re not going to always be looking at each other and be like, 'God, I wish I could kiss you, but I can’t.' It gets complicated with us. I think that’s one of the fun things that we’re finding that we can play. It’s not always that we’re in love. It’s, 'Hey, I wish you wouldn’t move out of my apartment. You came into my life and I don’t want you to leave.' It’s a good conflict. Chuck and Ned are never going to get drunk and sleep together. That’s a different show. That’ll never happen between us."

Behind the scenes, the actors sometimes get reprimanded for being too cavalier about the touching thing. "We’re not always just sitting there, talking. We were playing this game, called Snap. When there’s a double, you snap. They were like, 'You guys can’t do that. We had to cut all the way around that game,' because it was like playing Russian roulette with Chuck. We just thought it was funny."

Pushing Daisies airs Wednesdays on ABC.
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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of ABC

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