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Amanda Tapping on Sanctuary

Published October 8, 2008 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of Sci-Fi
Sanctuary Sanctuary
Sci-Fi Channel's new show Sanctuary stars Amanda Tapping as a 157-year old protector of supernatural creatures. Her sanctuary keeps them safe from the angry mobs who would prejudge them just because they seem monstrous. A century and a half of life certainly brings with it its share of pain and tragedy, but Helen Magnus (Tapping) finds her job important enough to hang in there, despite the lessons the Highlander series has taught us about immortality.

Amanda Tapping Gives Supernatural Sanctuary

"I think ultimately she still sees that there’s work to be done and she still sees that her quest is worthy," said Tapping. "So she needs to be around for it but she often talks about the curse of it and that’s this swing of incredible loneliness. When you watch everyone you’ve ever known grow old and die, all your lovers and your friends, I think that her heart is very well protected now because if it wasn’t, she would be heartbroken all the time, watching these incredible people that she spends time with. So I think she’s very guarded because she doesn’t want to give people too much for fear that she’ll be heartbroken in the end. So there’s that’s the loneliness and the curse of that but like I said, she still has a quest to fulfill and so she’ll continue doing what she’s doing because it’s still worthy."

Helen's sanctuary team may serve as more of a family to her than mere mortals can provide. "She’s always thinking in terms of likeminded people and in terms of creating for herself a family environment which is why her butler is Bigfoot. He’s as much a part of her family as anyone. Young Henry was brought into the fray as a young child and now he’s a part of the Sanctuary. She does create family wherever she goes. [Her daughter] Ashley is always a growing concern for Magnus. She always wants her to have a good influence around her and that’s alluded to a lot in the series as well. So hang on with that one."

Expect to learn who Ashley's father is in the first season. "Ashley does find out. She had to. I mean, that’s not something that you can just keep playing out. It’s like beating a dead horse after awhile, the idea that Ashley doesn’t know who her father is. So she does find out who her father is and it’s interesting because it dealt with by not being dealt with which means that it’s something that’s going to come up and bite her in the ass."

Sanctuary began as a series of webisodes. The weekly series is still shot on green screen to take advantage of CGI technology, so the look may be consistent. There were some adaptations made but tapping things long, loyal fans will go with them.

"I think what the move to television has done has given us a lot more freedom and a lot more room, and a lot more time to be honest, to spread out this mythology and to open up the mythology. The web series was so compact and so much information was given in that short period of time that I don’t think the stories were given as much breadth as they needed. So here we’re able to breathe a lot more life into specific areas of the story. I don’t think that people who have watched the web series will be disappointed because it’s just that it’s spread out. We were concerned initially. Changes were made. In part, there were network concerns about certain aspects of the story and also we had more time. We had the opportunity to create a more living, breathing mythology rather than pack it in."

Sanctuary airs Fridays on Sci Fi.
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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Sci-Fi

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