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Beetlejuice on Blu Ray

Published October 9, 2008 in DVD News
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
Beetlejuice Blu-Ray Beetlejuice
A visual fantasy like Beetlejuice is a fine addition to the Blu Ray lineup. The Tim Burton aesthetic has been displayed on Nightmare Before Christmas, but here is the first live-action peek into his high definition mind.

On Blu-Ray: Beetlejuice

The Blu Ray only looks like film because it is true to the color scheme I’m so familiar with from VHS and DVD transfers. It still looks like that house and that multi-colored desert and that afterlife waiting room. Everything is brighter and more vibrant but it’s the right enhancement of the source.

The clarity is almost surreal, except that it’s supposed to be surreal so it just looks normal for this world. Old fashioned visual effects shine with no seams. Stop motion interacts with the scene as if it was right in the room. Models and prosthetics look like a natural part of the characters.

There are so many visuals to see. Every dead creature has details crafted into their mangled corpse. Every morbid location has a color scheme that tints the whole screen. It just makes all the wonderful visuals look fresh and new again.
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Fred Topel
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