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Fred Plays Lego Batman

Published October 14, 2008 in Console Games
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
Lego Batman Lego Batman
Lego Batman is exactly what you expect from a Lego game. It hits all the staples giving you plenty of things to “build” to get through levels. It’s easy enough for anyone to pick up and play yet there’s enough to do that you stick with it. It doesn’t feel mundane just because it’s simple.

Lego Batman - The Video Game

I find that if I get stuck, I need only to wander back through the level and I’ll find something I forgot to build or a level I forgot to press. That’s just the right amount of challenge for me. I don’t need to be sitting there meditating on the solution. Just let me plow through.

The biggest problem is that the levels are too long, and you can only save in between. I do most of my playing on the DS, and if I’m on the fly for only about 10 minutes, I don’t want to have to just start over each time. It’s too bad the DS can’t do the full animations. I’d probably skip all the cut scenes anyway, but the DS comic strips are completely unclear to me. I have no idea what’s going on, but I just play through the levels.

A part of me kind of wishes they’d done the Batman movies so I could play through familiar scenarios. Ultimately, it would be the same Lego game though. They can set up Lego pieces to build anywhere and platform movements that have to be timed just right to move on. So they make it look like Batman this time. It’s all the good old fashioned Lego fun.

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Fred Topel
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