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Sleeping Beauty on Blu Ray

Published October 14, 2008 in DVD News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of respective holders
Sleeping Beauty Blu-ray Sleeping Beauty
Well, here is the first Disney animated classic to get the Blu Ray treatment. This is clearly the selling point for their signature collection. If they can make one of their oldest classics look brand new, just wait until they get to The Lion King.

On Blu-Ray: Sleeping Beauty

They’ve managed to make it look brand new, sparkly and shining without violating the original color pallet. You’re still seeing solid lines filled with one color. Those colors are deep red or bright blue with a surreal shine, but they are the same colors and shades they always were.

Then you’ll see backgrounds like the castle where you’d swear it was made out of real bricks. Now did they really draw al that detail in or is that new? I don’t care, it’s awesome either way. Interiors of the palace look three dimensional, that’s how distinct the foreground and backgrounds are.

Sometimes it looks like simple primary colors are coasting along the fully rich backgrounds. The fairies are all simply blue, green or red with faces poking through, but they coast over the backgrounds like they’re separate entities, not all part of the same drawing.

If you thought the palace was detailed, wait until you see the forest. The trees look like they come from Lord of the Rings, sticking out of a flat green patch of grass. Birds and princesses coast around the frame while the background artists had a field day detailing the woods. Wooden planks and stone dungeons also look phenomenal.

You see all these locales in different lighting too. There are some purple and aqua green glows for nighttime shots, depending if it’s interior or exterior. Or just blue moonlight through the forest.

I’m sold. Disney can announce whatever animated titles they’ve planned and I’ll just assume it’s going to look like Sleeping Beauty.

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Ryan Parsons
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