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Body Heat on Blu Ray

Published October 20, 2008 in DVD News
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
Body Heat Body Heat
I caught Body Heat on one of the HD channels and it didn’t look very hi-def. It was kind of washed out and grainy. Granted, it’s nearly 30 years old and it’s a steamy movie, and also cable isn’t broadcasting the best HD, but that’s my comparison for the Blu Ray.

On Blu-Ray: Body Heat

Compared to that, the Blu Ray looks more like I imagine the film is supposed to look. It still looks like a period film with some washed out scenery, but it’s tighter and more intentional. White interiors have blown out windows, lighter shirt but still color where it’s there. Even nighttime exteriors have blown out neon lights and storefronts in the background, or moonlight shining on white outfits. Her house is even white. Countrysides keep the greens earthy and the reds dusty. Really the only thing shiny is the sweaty skin.

It’s not grainy per se, but it’s not quite a window into the ‘80s. It’s just a solid film-like experience. It’s clear and polished, not heightened or stylized. Maybe I’m mistaking grain for steam. There’s a nice orange flame burst about halfway through.

The big detail to notice here is the sweat beads inching down character’s necks. You do notice some of the natural bumps on the actors’ fabulous bodies. They might not care for that but those of us who dig natural details will be aroused. That’s more in regards to the men anyway. Kathleen Turner’s shiny little boobies look fantastic.
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Fred Topel
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