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A 3D The Hobbit?

Published October 21, 2008 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of respective holders, MTV Movies Blog
The Hobbit The Hobbit
Guillermo Del Toro has recently surfaced raving about his appreciation of the IMAX medium. Since the director is currently working on The Hobbit, can we expect the two-part adaptation to wind up here? What about 3D?

The Hobbit Going 3D and IMAX?

The good people at MTV Movies Blog caught up with Guillermo Del Toro and got the director to at least discuss the prospect of having The Hobbit in IMAX 3D. While Del Toro uses CG-animations as examples, he must realize how much easier it is to get a computer-animated film in the IMAX 3D format than live-action. Hence probably why the option hasn't been seriously discussed as yet.

“IMAX is a fantastic medium. I am a shareholder. I love IMAX. I remember seeing ‘Polar Express,’ and then seeing ‘Polar Express’ in 3D and IMAX and having my life completely transformed,” he enthused, excitedly discussing the format’s immersive capabilities. “I think it would be a worthy discussion. But it hasn’t arrived.

“I think that we are experienced enough, I guess would be the term, to know that we should not daydream about [things like that] when we write the screenplay,” he said of whether or not he was even flirting with 3D or IMAX as possibilities. “Right now what we have is, you don’t have two filmmakers and two screenplay writers – you have four screenplay writers. We’ll be talking about 3D, on IMAX – but [not] right now.”

Since adapting The Hobbit already creates high anticipations from fans of the books and moviegoers everywhere, let's worry about having a quality film before deciding what format to release it in. If they do want to do something cool, they could film it in the same IMAX format that The Dark Knight did. Looks good, and no need for extensive work on 3D.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of respective holders, MTV Movies Blog

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