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Ashley Tisdale on High School Musical 3

Published October 22, 2008 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Walt Disney Pictures
High School Musical 3 Poster High School Musical 3: Senior Year

Ashley Tisdale plays the shallow b*tch of High School Musical, Sharpay Evans. It's all an act. In real life, she's a sentimental fool. When the trilogy came to an end, she got choked up.

Ashley Tisdale Talks High School Musical 3: Senior Year

"This project is something I'll always hold close to my heart," said Tisdale. "We have so much fun and we've created such an amazing family. I had the best time on and off screen with this cast. The last day was totally emotional. Monique actually cried first. Okay, maybe I did and we all started crying and then huddling and it was emotional."

Blame director Kenny Ortega for moving everyone to tears with his speech about how the kids have made his dream come true. "The last day really wasn't the last scene in the movie. It was actually a totally different scene. Kenny had said this amazing speech and that's what got us all going. Hair and Make-up even started crying. They couldn't get hair and make-up back on us. It was an emotional fest. But even Lucas Grabeel who is such an amazing person and is usually stand-off-ish in feelings, he doesn't show his feelings and he even teared up. That's something that's really big because for the last three years, he's the man. He doesn't do that. But he showed some tears and it was definitely emotional."

The trilogy has put Tisdale and her costars on the map more than any previous project. Even though she will move on to more adult roles, Tisdale will never resent her teen stardom.

"I think that High School Musical has given us so many more opportunities than we had before. We’re so grateful for it. We’ve been doing this since we were younger. I’ve been doing it since I was three, Vanessa’s been doing since nine, so we’ve worked hard to get here. It’s not been an overnight success for us and I think we’ll carry that on for all the other projects that we do. It’s not going to be like, okay, now we’re done. We have a lot more to show and we’re very talented, I feel, and I think that will carry through."

Of all the characters, Sharpay is the one who leaves a door open for High School Musical 4. Though the story suggests as much, there have been no official talks or contracts.

"I don't know anything about that. It is flattering to have an open door, obviously for my character but I am doing other projects as well and moving on."

High School Musical 3: Senior Year opens to theaters on October 24th.

For the trailer, poster, clips and more movie info, go to the High School Musical 3 Movie Page.

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