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WALL•E to Go Up Against Dark Knight for Best Picture?

Published October 28, 2008 in Movie News
By Fred Topel | Image property of Disney, Variety
Wall•E Poster WALL•E
While it would be a unique year for the Academy Awards if both WALL•E and The Dark Knight were to submit for Best Picture but, then again, the show has been due for some big-budget match ups.

Academy Showdown: Wall-E vs. The Dark Knight

While comicbook adaptations and CG-animations usually excel in their own brackets, while not venturing close to best picture, anything can go in 2009. Both WALL•E and The Dark Knight scored high with critics -- just take a visit to RottenTomatoes -- and each has done magnificently at the box office. If you want an award ceremony with film's people have most definitely seen, these are them.

But then again, if we base the nominations off reviews and box office alone, that would entitle films such as Iron Man to be placed in the running for Best Picture as well; which isn't going to happen. So maybe a Best Picture push for TDK and Disney's little robot are farfetched. Or are they?

Never say never with the Academy Awards. It took the Lord of the Rings three films to do it, but Peter Jackson finally convinced audiences that a fantasy could in fact win for Best Picture. Disney is hoping the same for CG-animation.

Anne Thompson reports that, starting Thursday, Variety is running an ad for Disney that not only asks for Academy members' consideration for Wall-E for best animated feature but for best picture as well. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Disney is expected to begin a big-budget push to get Wall-E on the minds of the Academy.

Considering that Wall-E is a great film, I guess it is fair to give it a shot at best picture. But if this is the case, expect to see other studios in their respective war rooms discussing which of their successes this year should get the Best Picture push as well. Since everybody is thinking it: The Dark Knight should be the first on Warner Bros list.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Disney, Variety

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