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Tinkerbell on Blu Ray

Published October 28, 2008 in DVD News
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
Tinkerbell Tinkerbell
Disney’s straight to video sequels and spinoffs used to be embarrassing cheap knockoffs that showed their immediate differences from their theatrical predecessors. Now they’re making them straight to Blu Ray and the quality is dramatically improved. They’re really going for it. Tinkerbell was intended for a destination higher in quality than theaters now and it is a portal into this CGI world.

On Blu-Ray: Tinkerbell

The flawless CGI has no film grain to dilute any of its bright, lush colors. You’ll see details in the frosted glass, dandelion hairs, the knots twisted into trees, the twigs of nests. Artists put those details in there to show off.

The colors are outrageous with fairy dust glowing gold in sprays on the screen. Tink’s shiny green dress is brighter than any of her 2D incarnations, and all the Tinkers have different colored outfits that shine equally.

There are plenty of lavish settings filling the screen like daisy fields, a tropical beach. The only thing is that often foreground characters take all the focus. It’s a shallow depth of field, but they let you look at the backgrounds. They’re not hiding them.

Whatever interest might be in a Tinkerbell movie, at the very least adults can marvel at the visuals while it babysits their kids.

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Fred Topel
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