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Jon Favreau Has Seen Bits of Avatar

Published October 29, 2008 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of respective holders, AICN
Avatar Avatar
So far every report to come in on Avatar -- from those in the industry who have seen glimpses of it -- was sure to include the words future, boundaries and big. Since the last time James Cameron got behind the camera resulted in Titanic, it looks like the director is really working on something special. Not that we have any doubt in Cameron, as any guy who can create a film like T2 in an era where only a few know the meaning of CG or CGI is a feat in itself. Today even the basic dramas seem to include a bit of CG work here or there.

So another industry insider, Jon Favreau, has had the chance to get a glimpse at Avatar and the actor/director has no problem discussing it.

Favreau Sees Some Avatar

While he doesn't give anything away on the film, Jon Favreau does give has first Avatar impressions to the good people at AICN.

Jon Favreau: And in watching the way that James Cameron is approaching AVATAR… he’s really pushing the boundaries on motion capture, he’s integrating live action with motion capture and CGI. It takes a painstaking and technical approach to that. And he really wants to make it a very visceral, emotional experience and he’s… he’s a bit of a P.T. Barnum in the sense that he likes to put on a big show.

He’s sort of tireless in how much he invests into it as far as his time and effort. You know, he doesn’t make a lot of movies, so a lot of thought and effort goes into each one. And I think that he’s trying to present this format in a way where it is a game-changer and in seeing it I think it’s the future. I don’t think it’s a flash in the pan. I think it’s going to open up a whole new door and I think more so than the glasses it becomes about how many screens could actually present it in its pristine form.

The amount of screens is just growing at a very, very fast rate in the states and I think in Europe as well and I think AVATAR is going to be the kind of movie that’s an event that you have to go see and you want to see again just to understand what you’re looking at. And then you still have his very effective storytelling. He really creates an adventure and draws you into it in the hero’s journey sense of storytelling, the Joseph Campbell sense of storytelling. I really liked the bits that I saw and I saw all the various stages of finished, but he’s a purist in the way he approaches things, and he’s very meticulous.

Favreau goes on to discuss Iron Man 2 and why it will be close to impossible for the film to use the IMAX format like The Dark Knight did. Why so? Kind of ironic, but what's holding the film back is the overuse of CG. Check out the report here.

Avatar Movie Page coming soon!

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of respective holders, AICN

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