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Kellan Lutz on Twilight

Published November 28, 2008 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Summit Entertainment
Twilight Quad PosterTwilight

Kellan Lutz could have fans from any number of films or TV series he's done. Generation Kill got respect, Prom Night was widely seen and 90210 was still recent. Only the Twilight fans found him in his hotel room though.

Kellan Lutz on Twilight

"It's definitely great being Emmet and being part of this amazing experience of Twilight and having the fans like when we were in Oregon, somehow find our hotel rooms, especially mine and knocked on the door," Lutz said. "I thought it was just some cast mates. I thought we were all going to just rendezvous, go get some dinner. So I wasn't fully prepared to answer the door. I just got out of the shower so was kind of, thank God I didn't open it like I'm used to. I asked."

When they called him by his character's name and not his own, he knew they were Twilight groupies. "I heard a voice that I wasn't used to hearing so I asked who it was. They're like, 'Emmet, we're your fans.' I remember just shaking, you could hear them shaking. I was like, 'Oh, yeah, um, yeah, yeah, one second.' Put some clothes on as fast I could, opened the door and two lovely ladies had the giant basket full of goodies for all of us."

Luckily, they were nice fans, not scary stalkers. "They actually stayed in the room right across from me because they wrote a note saying thank you and I stopped by to say thank YOU. But I think they were there for three nights."

As for that whole acting thing, Lutz drew on author Stephenie Meyer for his portrayal of her character. "She was always there for all of us and for me, I had a lot of questions actually for Emmet. There was a passage that was left out called Emmet and the Bear and it really told a lot about Emmet and Edward's relationship and how close they really are and for me to read that which is not in Twilight really helped me distinguish that relationship between, so Rob and I when we're acting, I really feel like we're brothers and without that, I don't think it would've had that connection. And, you know, just talking to her, she really just gave me so much info."

Twilight is out in theaters now.

For the trailers, posters, stills, review and more movie info, go to the Twilight Movie Page.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Summit Entertainment

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