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Glenn Howerton on Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Published November 28, 2008 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of FX
Always Sunny in Philadelphia Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Glenn Howerton may have suffered the most shooting the musical season finale episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. In the Charlie-authored musical "The Night Man Cometh: How the Day Man Became Champion of the Sun," his costume change into the Day Man wrapped his package in some tight spandex.

Glenn Howerton is Dennis in Philadelphia

"The package was scrunched in pretty tight because I'm packing some heat down there, I'm not going to lie," Howerton said. "But it's recovered. It's gotten better. They've gotten back to their normal color and flavor."

The recent episode featuring the gang's ancestors in 1776 suggests something too. If Dennis and Dee are their own ancestors, and are brother and sister now, the family must have been in-breeding for 200 years.

"Wow, man, that's some deep, heavy shit. Wow, you got me on that one but yeah, sure, why not? That's entirely possible."

As the gang celebrated the release of the third season DVD, a biker revved his motor and cheered them on. They were already aware of their biker following. "

"You know, I ride a bike to work and when I say a bike, I mean a bicycle. It doesn't make as much noise as our biker friends but I've heard some yells. I've heard some yells. They recognize me even with the goofy helmet on. No, actually I wasn't. I didn't know that. It's pretty cool, man."

Looking ahead to season five, Howerton has no worry about running out of ideas. "No, look at the world around you. We're constantly creating crazy things in our society. Crazy people, crazy issues. There's no way to run out. There's just no way to run out. Every time we sit down and come up with some new ideas, we come up with a page this long. We actually have to weed things out."

Though they shoot in Los Angeles, Philadelphians have embraced the gang, and Howerton is touched. "We're big celebrities in Philadelphia now. That's a good feeling. It's a good feeling. What's nice about when people recognize our show, that's nice for me, is I don't care about being a celebrity. That doesn't matter to me. What I do like though is that the people who recognize me and come up and talk to me, they do it because they love the show. They really are into the show and they think that we're offering them something different. That feels good."
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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of FX

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