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Fred Claus on Blu-Ray

Published November 30, 2008 in DVD News
By Fred Topel | Image property of Warner Bros.
Fred Claus Poster Fred Claus
I loved Fred Claus in the theaters and I had to wait a whole year for it on DVD thanks to holiday buying season timing. That may be better though because now I’m firmly entrenched in Blu Ray world. Had it come out sooner, I might have gotten a, gasp, standard DVD.

Fred Claus on Blu-Ray

Just the opening Warner Bros. Christmas logo looks phenomenal, like it has depth through the strings of shiny lights added to the traditional WB. That north pole sure looks fantastic in hi-def too. Flyovers of the village look real. Whether it’s actually a model or CGI, it provides a whimsical vista. When it gets to the real set with people walking through it, wow.

You can see all the snow tracks, and the crowds of elves are clear all the way to the back rows. You can see the shades of faded leather in Fred’s jacket, and the details of Santa’s fat suit make those pudgy little fingers look real. The elves played by big actors do look like the heads are separate. Perhaps hi-def showed too much detail but it’s still whimsical.

Other scenes are glorious too. Chicago at Christmastime is awesome with golden ornaments all around. The green elf costume shines out in Fred’s real world apartment. The village of the opening backstory looks like a Lord of the Rings movie, only with family drama. It’s beautiful.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Warner Bros.

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