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Guitar Hero World Tour Review

Published December 1, 2008 in Console Games
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
Guitar Hero World Tour Guitar Hero: World Tour

Don’t worry. Adding new elements to Guitar Hero: World Tour didn’t hurt the classic guitar game. Even if you just want more official Guitar Hero tracks, World Tour improved the guitar game as well as adding the drums, mic and studio.

Review: Guitar Hero World Tour

I’m loving the extended sustains. What a wonderful new way to play chords. In the game, the indicators are no longer distracting, messing me up to tell me Star Power is ready or I’m on a streak (was on a streak until those words flashed in front of my notes.) That’s been honed, and the ability to select full gigs is awesome. You can’t play out of order that way but it cuts some load time.

The new songs have fantastic new patterns to play. Even the songs I don’t like have fret patterns that make me appreciate the effort. I found even the early tracks challenging. The idea was to make it easier than GHIII but I found my fingers stretching further than ever this time. Still, I got five stars my first try out on everything so I guess I’m just awesome. I’m still on hard, not expert.

It’ll take some getting used to the touch pad. That must be there for the Rock Band experts but I never used the little buttons either. To me, moving my hands back and forth is just counterintuitive. On the downside, it’s harder to star power with the traditional jerking up and down method. The palm button makes it easier to activate that way, but then I found I’d forget to strum a note so you have to learn that adjustment too. Guess you could always use your GHIII guitar if you’re not using the touch pad anyway, but that’s my bass now.

I’m no drum expert but the drum set felt very intuitive having played that other drum game. It seems like the same red and yellow patterns that are consistent across most rock songs, and the fact that the yellow is now a raised cymbal didn’t break my flow. The drums also come pre-silenced with rubber insulation. The pads feel soft and natural.

That beginner mode has proved a life saver for parties. Even braggarts who were all, “At least let me do easy, I don’t need beginner” found actual notes too hard, so they were humiliated into baby mode. They say Beginner is for kids and families. It’s not. It’s for the grown-ups who can’t keep up with the kids.

That recording studio will take more time than I have to compose an actual song. There are lots of options to create distinct tracks, but part of it is knowing the notes so you can manually input them. Composing the complete works of Meat Loaf is too great a task for me. I’ll just have to wait until they finally offer the first two “Bat” albums as complete downloads.

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