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Six Flags Fun Park on Nintendo DS

Published December 1, 2008 in Console Games
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
Six Flags Fun ParkSix Flags Fun Park
Okay, what does it say about me that I'm rocking to Guitar Hero and Rock Band, tactically moving through the missions of James Bond and WWII and swinging through the streets of Spider-Man, but a kiddie game captures my attention the most. Six Flags Fun Park is the perfect Nintendo DS game.

Nintendo DS: Six Flags Fun Park

Six Flags has broken through my wall against touch screen games. Normally I like to use the old school D pad, but each minigame has so perfectly simulated the midway games of theme parks with subtly different swipes of the stylus, I'm sold. You feel like you're spraying water, shooting targets, even playing the sports.

You could just spend the whole game doing that, but the mini-quest is as compelling to me as Grand Theft Auto. People around the park will give you tasks that you can juggle simultaneously if you want to have some goals. They're simple though so you don't have to get involved in major subplots. Just the ability to search trees and garbage cans for tickets and coins is a neat way to keep your inventory up.

The graphics are adorable and it has a great sense of humor. It's family appropriate but irreverent enough to appeal to grown-ups who have been there and done that with theme parks and video games.

My nephews won't be getting my hand me downs on this game. Six Flags Fun Park will stay in my Nintendo DS case permanently. Well, until Six Flags Fun Park 2 comes out.

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Fred Topel
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