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Castlevania on Nintendo DS

Published December 3, 2008 in Console Games
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
Since I remember the original NES Castlevania, I thought I'd be at home with the latest Nintendo DS version. While the side scrolling format is up my alley, it's still got a lot of the new twists that seem to take up extra time for me.

Nintendo DS: Castlevania

First of all, even skipping through all the story explanation and tutorials takes too long. Like I really don't need to know the story. I just want to whip monsters.

Once the game gets underway though it is a solid side scroller. I played for a while and couldn't find a whip like in the old NES game but my colleagues have told me Castlevania did away with the whip a while ago.

Still, equipping different swords, knives and lances gives you different combinations, and you can keep upgrading too. There are some cool special moves and that magnetic flying thing is neat.

For the basic walk around slashing monsters game, Order of Ecclesia does its job. It's clearly a dense, deep game the likes of which I won't have time to fully appreciate. Lots of areas to explore, including some bonus rooms that aren’t necessary but can provide treasure.

Save points can sometimes be too far apart for quick players, which is a frustration that resembles the old NES classic. The bosses are really hard, so hopefully I can find save points close to them so I don't have to retrace all my steps.

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Fred Topel
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