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Touchmaster 2 on Nintendo DS

Published December 4, 2008 in Console Games
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
I'm a big fan of minigames because my DS time is usually limited to a few minutes here and there. A collection like Touchmaster 2 is perfect for me, although I may only play about half the games it includes.

Nintendo DS: Touchmaster 2

The sort of games that work most for me are the brain power ones. It'll take me hours to wrap my mind around sliding cards around a square to make poker hands, but I understand the process so I'll work on that.

Oddly some of the word games are too banal for me too. You'd think being a writer and lover of language I'd be into anything, but I guess I don't need electronics to give me a word scramble. Finding hidden images in pictures fails to capture my old Highlights days too.

The more action-y games just seem pointless to me. Dragging my stylus across the screen isn't exciting so trying to master timing and such doesn't do it for me. Even the mini-sports count because it's an awkward simulation.

There's enough variety though that anyone should be able to find something to keep them busy. Hey, some people will hate all brain games and just want to do sports and action. It's here. I'll work on the funky multi-dimensional brain games. And yes, I AM the Touch Master!

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Fred Topel
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