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Wayne Knight on Punisher: War Zone

Published December 9, 2008 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Lionsgate
Punisher: War Zone Poster Punisher: War Zone
The Punisher may not have a sidekick to help him fight off gaggles of foes, but he still needs somebody to provide him the weapons with which he kicks the ass. Wayne Knight plays Microchip in Punisher: War Zone.

Wayne Knight Plays Microchip in Punisher: War Zone

"My research on Microchip gives you kind of different aspects of him," Knight said. "I didn't know which Micro Chip we were talking about. Are we talking about the one who uses the heroin trade to supply his weaponry, or are we talking about the father of Louis? So I had to kind of make an amalgam for me, of who he was, within the context of this film, within the context of the kind of Max universe that we were doing the Punisher in."

Focusing on the Max series gave Knight a solid breakdown of Micro. "I saw [him] as being kind of being the supply sergeant for Frank's one man army. That somebody who keeps it moving and tries to keep Frank sane and connected somehow to the earth. That's basically my task."

And of course, throwing out a few zingers when the film needs to lighten up. "You know, I think that pretty much comes with me whether I want it to or not. So I think that Micro Chip is kind of like the grave digger in Hamlet. You need to have leavening in order to feel the impact of the violence and the drama that's happening. So every now and then you come up for a little breath of air and then you dive back in. That's kind of what Micro Chip does."

Punisher: War Zone is now in theaters.

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