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What Doesn't Kill You Bores

Published December 11, 2008 in Movie Reviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Yari Film Group
What Doesn't Kill YouWhat Doesn't Kill You
What Doesn't Kill You makes me bored. I'm sorry, it may be true but it looks like so many other movies. It's the cold winter streets, the city of thugs, gangsta voices swearing, shooting sand stealing. I guess it offers some hope, but so does The Diving Bell and the Butterfly and all that guy could do was blink!

Review: What Doesn't Kill You

So you see how two young guys get into a life of crime, but you don't quite see how there's no other alternative. You don't see the appeal of such a life, just the mechanics of it. Certainly once they're drug addict convicts, you see how limited their options are, but as kids it's just sort of like that's what they did, so here we are.

The most insightful scene in the movie to me is when the guys accept a job but don't understand the big, clean words their client is using. That's the real reason people end up criminals, lack of education. It's the only scene addressing that though, so maybe it was only an accident.

It's a real look at a hard life. Still, except for the acting, why revel in it? So Mark Ruffalo can show desperation. Was that ever in question? And yeah, it offers hope without the fairy tale ending, but reality is also that you don’t get a medal for that. You just fulfill your responsibility to society. So, I guess I should just be happy it didn't end up worse and hope these guys don't come hurt me for saying all this.
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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Yari Film Group

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