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Fred Reveals Nothing But the Truth

Published December 16, 2008 in Movie Reviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Yari Film Group
The reasons Nothing But the Truth is a fictional story inspired by the Valerie Plame events becomes clear when you see how the film explores those issues. The Plame thing ended before every single question was raised. The film goes there.

Review: Nothing But the Truth

Now obviously opening on a school bus full of children chastising tattletales is a metaphor, but we're dealing with art here. Subtlety is not mandatory. And Rod Lurie sure does make journalism talk exciting. You can tell he loves it and he puts our passion for the craft on screen.

Of course the film hits the basics. Neighborhoods are uprooted by police blockades. Yeah, the press intrudes. There's a lot of posturing lawyer bravado. Those are all facets of the case.

It's got to hit the emotions too because this is heavy. It is about leaving your children and the strain on your marriage because that's what's at stake when you fight for a principal. If it were just about an issue, everyone would do it.

The issue itself is just a back and forth. Tell us your source. I can't tell you my source. Oh yeah, how about now? No, I can't reveal my source. Come on, tell us. Still can't. The drama is what surrounds it, and that includes sometimes overt things like the kids.

Nothing But the Truth PosterNothing But the Truth

Then it really gets juicy. Then you get to see how standing by your principals can really screw you over personally. Then what, give up now? You're already in so deep, you can't be the one who caves when it gets tough. They touch on gender issues, marital issues and mortal issues, in different degrees, but it's all in there to spark the discussion. <P> It really makes you feel it wearing on you. You can watch snippets of prison life and say, "Okay, tough it out," but as the special prosecutor goes on and on and even minor relief is taken away, it's like Jesus Christ already.

I love how near the end of the movie, a character has to say that Kate Beckinsdale looks like sh*t. I wouldn't have known. To me, that's still gorgeous and if anyone doesn't agree, I'd like to see you do better.

Most importantly, the film takes the issue beyond just journalistic integrity and the government's intrusion. It looks at real life. So, what is this one source in the grand scheme of things? Why don't you just spare yourself? That's what the issue is about and Nothing But the Truth goes there.

Its limited run begins Wed, specifically at the Crest theater in Los Angeles and the E-Walk in Times Square.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Yari Film Group

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