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Kate Beckinsale on Nothing But the Truth

Published December 18, 2008 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Yari Film Group
Nothing But the TruthNothing But the Truth

Director Rod Lurie made his leading lady blush when he told reporters that he had to use makeup to make Kate Beckinsdale look like she wasn't wearing makeup. In Nothing But the Truth, she plays a reporter who goes to jail to protect a source. At her lowest points, Lurie had to use Hollywood magic to hide the movie star.

Kate Beckinsale Learns Nothing But the Truth

"He’s full of sh*t," Beckinsdale claimed. "I mean yes, they did a bit. They put eye bags and stuff like that, but it’s embarrassing."

The film takes inspiration from the Judith Miller/Valerie Plame case but tells its own story about journalistic integrity. To research the part, Beckinsdale joined our ranks, for a brief time.

"I went to The LA Times and was allowed to follow around two female reporters there. They were really helpful. They were great and I got to sit in on their editorial meeting and take my little notes and it was really, really helpful. I mean, it’s helpful having Rod because Rod has a big experience of all that anyway, so he’s super accurate on that stuff. For me, I just wanted to talk about just the really prosaic stuff about what it’s like juggling being a woman and a mother and a reporter, and it’s really similar to being an actress. I was kind of bummed actually to find I didn't have to be such a chameleon to understand it because the similarities were quite intense."

Maybe my female colleagues have a different perspective, but I sure don't feel like a movie star. Beckinsdale explained the similarities she perceived.

Nothing But the TruthNothing But the Truth

Nothing But the TruthNothing But the Truth

"From what I was talking to with the women at the LA Times, I think if you want to be an actor or you want to be a journalist it’s not just like, 'Oh I’ll fall in to it.' Like you really want to do it as a vocational job a lot of the time, for those two anyway it was. They spent a lot of their free time thinking about it. They don’t just punch their clock and go home and they never think about anything to do with the news ever again. They're absolutely thinking like that and on their evenings they're talking to their partner who's very often a journalist themselves. It’s like we go home and talk to our filmmaking husbands about our stuff."

Okay, that makes sense. I never turn off. I come home from four screenings and put on a DVD. "That slightly sort of competitive thing as well where I go, 'Who’s your Kate Winslet or Cate Blanchett? Like, who’s your woman you go God damn, she gets her thing on the front page just from writing it?' Like who is that person that kind of either inspires you or makes you feel like, 'God, it’s not fair?' Is there somebody also that's not like those two people that you don’t think is particularly talented but seems to be getting their story on the front page? They went, 'Oh yes, absolutely.' It’s really similar. We have all that stuff in our business too, and having to be prepared to leave the country at a moment’s notice and have understanding partners and friends who don’t think that you're flaky if you don’t call for a couple weeks and all that stuff that I thought was just entirely specific to our profession."

See Kate Beckinsdale play the better looking, and far more socially important, version of me now.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Yari Film Group

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