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Spider-Man: Web of Shadows on Nintendo DS

Published December 22, 2008 in Console Games
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
Spider-Man: Web of ShadowsSpider-Man: Web of Shadows
The most fun of Spider-Man: Web of Shadows for PS3 is swinging around the city. You can't do that on the DS version but they've managed to adapt all the cool Spidey powers to their format for their own game. It's an addition to the console game, not a substitute.

Nintendo DS: Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

Though it's a side scroller format, they still manage to give you walls and ceilings to climb and some open spaces you can swing across. Of course, the best web power is still slinging up bad guys and hurling them across the room. Doesn't matter if it's 2D, they're still flying.

There's still a variety of move sets between black and red suit Spidey. Experience points let you choose which moves to buy. Ultimately, it's still button mashing but it'll look slightly different depending on how you like to beat up bad guys.

The only frustrating thing, as with most such games, is the frequency of save points. If I need to put down my DS (like when a movie is starting), I could lose a lot of progress and then have to trudge through it again. Can they not make a game where you can turn it off whenever you need to? I mean, not just for grown-ups with responsibilities. Wouldn't it save kids a lot of hassle with their parents if they didn't have to explain why they were so hesitant to put the game down until they find a save room?

But I'm happy I get two games for each title now. I enjoy the open world PS3 game, and I enjoy going old school side scroller and keeping the Spidey powers on DS. Since it's just a game anyway, it's all fun.

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Fred Topel
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