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Bedtime Stories Completely Harmless

Published December 25, 2008 in Movie Reviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Walt Disney Pictures
Bedtime Stories PosterBedtime Stories
Bedtime Stories is a typical Disney movie with a sarcastic, harmless good guy and a smug, harmless bad guy and a quirky, harmless sister and a dry, harmless love interest, a glamorous, harmless celebutante babe and a weird, harmless friend. Yup, no one's too evil, too witty, too sexy or too confrontational.

Review: Bedtime Stories

It's very generic. The whole plot is about the hotel business, which could really be anything. It's just "what is the widget that he's involved with so we can add fantasy to it?" It's funny to see Disney's version of anti-corporate sentiment.

Bedtime Stories is not bad though. It's just exactly what it is: caricature and some values. The characters in the bedtime stories are cute. They're all a metaphor for the "real life" of the hotel business so it's all kept simple.

The stories are just magical enough, set in familiar genre worlds with a few random touches from the kids. What's really magical is how they come true in real life. It's not literally creatures and magic, but life finds a way to resemble the stories.

It's not really an Adam Sandler movie but it's a fun kids' fantasy. He slips some gibberish in there and it's always nice to see Rob Schneider and Allen Covert, but it's not an outrageous character or a well-meaning buffoon. He's just a goofy hero. They even take lines from other movies like Austin Powers, so that's weird.

He keeps spelling out how the stories are going to come true for him, but he remains excited about it. "Oh, you're the one who's going to do this for me. Oh, that's how this is going to happen." Since it's a story about story structure, it even explains its own clichés.

It really reaches to put the kids in danger at the end, and that's kind of irresponsible and definitely cheap. It's hard to get too incensed about it though because you know they'll be fine.

What I give Bedtime Stories credit for is applying magic to the real world. I just thought the creatures from the stories were going to come out. That would just be a movie. To me, it's more magical to think of how it might rain gumballs in our world.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Walt Disney Pictures

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