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Tommy Boy Brings Hi-Def Laughs on Blu Ray

Published January 4, 2009 in DVD News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of respective holders
Tommy Boy Tommy Boy
Imagine this. A low-budget, but hilarious, comedy from over a decade back returns on Blu-Ray and somehow looks great in 1080p. Time to hit the road again with Tommy Boy on Blu-ray.

On Blu-Ray: Tommy Boy

Though I do consider myself a perfectionist when it comes to the best resolution TVs and players, I've never been all that gung-ho about swapping out all my DVD comedies for the higher-def versions on Blu-ray. Tommy Boy was one of a few older comedies I received on Blu-ray and, if anything, the film does a pretty convincing job at making me reconsider swapping out my entire library for the Blu-ray format. Since I'm broke, however, this task will likely have to wait.

Since every fan of this film likely owns one or two (Special Edition) copies of it on DVD, the number one task is to significantly improve the film's look on Blu-ray. To my surprise, this film looks great in 1080p. Sure, it might still fall short when compared to some of the more effect-savy blockbusters released to the format of late, the renewed look is still damn impressive.

Besides the film, the Blu-ray comes with an array of extras including multiple featurettes, a behind the scenes special, deleted scenes and a gag reel. With Chris Farley as your star, the gag reel was classic. The only catch is that some of the extras do not come in HD, unless otherwise marked.

To make up for that, we are provided with some cool TV spots and the film's original trailer in HD. Pretty great, but I couldn't figure out a way how to transfer the HD trailer to my computer; where I could make great use of it.

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Ryan Parsons
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