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Lots of Star Trek Talk

Published January 13, 2009 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Paramount, FirstShowing
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For some reason I had a nagging feeling last night that we'd have a good update today for both Star Trek and Watchmen. So far no Watchmen, but there is a couple things worth checking out for Star Trek.

Star Trek Talk

First up: Chris Pine talked with AP about Star Trek and, more importantly, Kirk's opening relationship with Spock.

"For Kirk and Spock, it's charting their lives to a small extent from boyhood and their first encounter, which is a bit contentious, to kind of the beginning of the relationship we all know," Pine said. "They are at odds at first. The conflict of the relationship actually gives Zachary a couple moments where he's not as controlled and rational as Mr. Nimoy's character was. He has a couple of outbursts that aren't exactly the classic Spock."

If you have yet to hear of scribes Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci -- they typically have at least one tentpole under the belt each year -- you will after 2009. The duo is responsible for both Star Trek and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Catching up with them, FirstShowing kicked off the conversation with Trek:

In relation to Star Trek, whose idea was it for the story to take place as a prequel?

Orci: We came to that independently. Certainly that was Alex and my instinct. The first time we ever heard what Paramount wanted it was the same. I'm not sure if they got it from us or we all arrived at that conclusion simultaneously.

Kurtzman: The other thing was that in looking at Trek in its glorious history, it just shocked us that the story of how the bridge crew came together was never told. It was referenced in bits and pieces but it was never told and it's only kind of the most epic big bang story that you could possibly tell in Star Trek. So it felt to us like if we were going to bring something new to the table, that that was the place to start. It just always started with Kirk and Spock for us. It was always about Kirk and Spock.

Orci: And even though I loved "The Next Generation," one of the reasons we felt that Star Trek possibly had passed us by is we never imagined that anyone would want to go back and take on the original Star Trek again. We thought no one would ever go for that and we were not interested in doing sort of the next- next- next- next- next generation. The idea of doing a new crew had already become an old idea and the new idea really was going back to the original crew.

Check out the entire interview on Star Trek here.

Star Trek will open to theaters on May 8th.

For the posters, trailers, stills and additional info, go to the Star Trek Movie Page.
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Paramount, FirstShowing

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