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Hotel for Dogs is Adorable

Published January 16, 2009 in Movie Reviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
Hotel for DogsHotel for Dogs

Hotel for Dogs makes Beverly Hills Chihuahua its bitch. Even I thought these dogs were adorable and I like cats.

Review: Hotel for Dogs

I also appreciate kids movies with a little intelligence and respect for their characters and audiences. This one makes its heroes cool right away with a pretty ingenious scam, and later with downright awesome inventions. Those contraptions are like Saw without the murder. The kids are emotional powerhouses when called upon too.

The grown-ups know their roles. Don Cheadle does the heart. Kevin Dillon and Lisa Kudrow know they're playing cartoon characters, and they are committed, but never go too big.

Of course the stars are the dogs and there are lots of what look like real animal behaviors. They really did find the cutest dogs ever, though it still just made me eager to get home to my kittens.

It's a movie about kids doing something really constructive with their free time. Grown-ups should support and encourage this. Also, pet adoption is a metaphor, in case you didn't get it.

The movie did make me think, I've never actually run into a dog catcher. You'd think in 31 years of life, in suburbs and big cities, I'd encounter at least one. I'm not saying they'd be as villainous as the ones in movies. Perhaps they'd even be regretful, but I can't even confirm they exist!

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Fred Topel
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