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Lost Planet Will be Pricey!

Published January 22, 2009 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of respective holders, Capcom
Lost Planet Lost Planet

If you are a fan of Capcom video games, then you may want to check out a recent interview with Capcom Corporate Officer Toshirhiro Tokumaru. The dude talks a load about games and, more importantly, upcoming film adaptations based on (some) of those games. He touches upon the Street Fighter franchise, which is cool, but the real surprise moment was when Tokumaru got around to mentioning the budget for Lost Planet. Did Warner Bros. agree to the ginormous number? If they did, the move is further proof that the WB is one of the few remaining studios with cahones ergo, balls.

Lost Planet an Expensive Adaptation

So just when it seems like Tokumaru is going to chat my ear off about nothing important, this question pops up in the conversation.

Besides "Street Fighter", are there any plans to make any other movies?

Pretty harmless question. We know that there are a few adaptations coming including Clock Tower and Lost Planet. The only catch is that we didn't quite realize just how seriously they are taking the Lost Planet adaptation. Check this out:

Well, there's "Onimusha". But it has been licensed out completely, so we have no direct investment in it. And then there's also "Clock Tower" and Lost Planet, though both of those two have been licensed out as well. Speaking of "Lost Planet", that project will cost somewhere between 150 and 200 million dollars to make. The producer on the project is Avi Arad, producer of Spider-Man. I think that it is because of our original IPs that we are able to try something so ambitious. When the game creators at Capcom develop a game, they think about everything from the main characters to the setting, which makes it easy to bring our games to the big screen. In game-making, we consider the main character's upbringing, interpersonal relationships, and their place in time. But in a game we can only show a cross-section of that. In Lost Planet for example, we can show the game's protagonist on a distant planet fighting against various foes, but we can't really show his interpersonal relationships. By developing that part of it on the movie screen, we can add substance to that world and expand it.

While the number sounds ridiculously high for a genre that has yet to prove itself, I still couldn't be happier to hear it. While I'm sure both Capcom and Warner Bros won't like the comparison, Lost Planet could lead the way into other great adaptations including Halo. Both games are epic, involve military, alien creatures, and exotic locations. Both are sure to be expensive if done right, and both can be incredibly amazing.

So hopefully this $150+ million will be the first step in the right direction.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of respective holders, Capcom

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