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Thomas Dekker on Sarah Connor Chronicles

Published February 12, 2009 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of Fox
The Sarah Connor Chronicles The Sarah Connor Chronicles
In the teaser for upcoming episodes of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, we saw Kyle Reese. Could you imagine if John got to meet his dad. You know, before he's all grown up and sends him back in time to conceive him. The show won't go there just yet, says Thomas Dekker.

Thomas Dekker on The Sarah Connor Chronicles

"He's here but I can't say how," Dekker said. "At least at this point, John doesn't meet him. It's about Sarah and Kyle and that has to give way to John. That's what that is about. This first episode that will premiere is a good one and it's beautiful to see the two of them together."

Earlier this year, the show went "there" also, with Cameron (Summer Glau) offering her body to John. It was too little too late, since John had already met a real girl, Riley (Leven Rambin.)

"It's kind of sad for John though because he obviously really was interested but I think the thing is that he's smart enough to know that that's a tactic to get him away from Riley, which it was but it didn't. But there's stuff coming up in our back nine that maybe negates that. I think it's creepy that she's becoming aware of how she can use her sexuality or her body. That's a creepy thing to me, as a machine."

We've also learned that Riley is just on another mission from the future. It's only a matter of time before John figures it out.

"I can't say because it's very interesting. It's very interesting though. What I've been saying is I think there's been a lot of frustration with John's character that he's put the family in danger and seem to be just kind of being an ignorant immature kid with this girl. What I will say is don't lose faith because there's kind of a shocking plan that he's had and he's much smarter than everyone's giving him credit for right now and that's really cool. In the back nine you get to go, 'Oh, he's not an idiot. He's got his head on his shoulders.'"

With a back nine pickup to finish up season two, Dekker says the best is yet to come. "There's one episode in the back nine coming up that I think is probably the best script we ever had and I got to do really deeply emotional stuff. The reason I say it's the best one, Samson and Delilah was such an epic script, but for me this script sort of reminds you why we exist as a series. I read it and I was like, 'This is what the show is about.' It's really cool and you get a lot of future stuff, present stuff, a lot of things uncovered. All the questions we've set up in season one/season two get answered in this back nine. They give way to new questions that we won't answer, but…"

The finale is so big it demands a third season. You here that, Fox? "It's a shock and I think that if we didn't get a third season, our fans would be really pissed off. It would be like a revolution in the show, major changes but exciting changes and if we didn't get that opportunity to explore those, I think people would be very irritated."

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles returns Fridays at 8 on Fox.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Fox

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