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Fast & Furious Really the Fastest, Most Furious

Published April 3, 2009 in Movie Reviews
By Fred Topel | Images property of Universal Pictures
Fast & Furious Poster Fast & Furious
Fast & Furious is the fastest, most furious movie ever. It is so fast, you'll be furious with excitement. I'm going to try to write my review fast, but that might make my editor furious.

Review Fast & Furious

It really is the perfect action movie. It knows exactly what it is and it's totally fricking awesome. It's full of callbacks to all three films, and they steal from the best other franchises too – Lethal Weapon, Bourne… It's a compendium of all the greats.

All the action sequences build a narrative with crazy stunts. It opens with a new moving heist and finds clever twists on races and chases too. Somebody's actually doing these stunts. Even the foot chase, somebody is running and jumping. CGI effects tell more story, for things that can't be real, but the movie is filled with outrageous stunts you've never seen before.

By now, there's so much story that the Fast and the Furious series has a mythology. They show Han with Dominic in the Dominican Republic. I just love all this connective tissue. You could compile a timeline for all the films.

Dominic is now a weathered criminal nearing the end of his time. He's evolved and Vin Diesel can play the hell out of that, standing with his arms folded brooding. And somehow he is the CSI of skid marks. Brian knows his sh*t too. He is on the case. Watching him beat up a sniveling suit is awesome.

They breeze through the talking points. Brian's been reinstated, yeah, he's got a name, fine, only 72 hours, body bags, it won't bring her back, let it go. They use the language of the genre. Blaze' about police procedure, because even the bosses know that we just do whatever it takes to get the bad guy.

There's pseudo morality on the difference between bad and good but there's no question. Dom and Brian are good. Other people are bad. It's so macho, every interaction is badass so that's clearly the only moral that counts. <P> It's the coolest party of the year. The babes and music aren't even obnoxious. It's all in good spirit. Quick and easy visual clichés just to set the scene. Of course there's cock fighting in Mexico. Building montages, see through nipple shirts, this movie has it all.

I would call it this year's Live Free or Die Hard as a total compliment. It's momentous to have the Fast & Furious boys back, and they've completely figured out the perfect formula for these movies. It's so fast and furious that it outran the "the".

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Fred Topel
Sources: Images property of Universal Pictures

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