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Anna Friel on Land of the Lost

Published April 21, 2009 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Universal Pictures
Anna Friel makes a very sexy Holly in the Land of the Lost movie. You’d get in trouble for saying that about the show, where Holly was just a little girl. But Friel showed up to set in what could barely be called khaki shorts and a flimsy tank top, all Lara Crofted out.

Set Visit: Anna Friel on Land of the Lost

“If you’re going to turn a TV series into a movie, you’ve got to make sure it has all those elements and they’re going to keep it interesting,” Friel explained. “I think they wanted to have some kind of a love story involved and incest wouldn’t go down quite well in a PG-13. So no, she’s 14, I’m 31. She’s American, I’m English. I wear braids and we do have the plaid shirt and the cords. We have the old cords which are exactly the same in the beginning but as the movie goes, the cords disappear and the legs start to show because she’s 31 now, so I think she’s allowed to do it.”

It’ll be quite pleasing to see Friel all decked out for the two hour adventure, but remember she had to wear it every day during filming. “I was thinking that I’d get pretty bored of it but to be honest, first of all I feel quite naked, when you’re with two other men and all of a sudden okay, I have nothing to hide behind, nothing to cover, no accent to disguise. So it’s quite vulnerable making but then the idea of not having to go and put all the big fluffy dresses on is kind of nice. It doesn’t set you aside from the men. I can kind of be one of the boys and not have to be fussing with lashes and hair all the time. Same with costume.”

Friel shot Land of the Lost during her hiatus from Pushing Daisies, another fantasy comedy. The only similarities for her though were the ones seen through her child’s eyes.

Land of the Lost Land of the Lost

“There is for my daughter. She came in yesterday. She comes in all the time because she comes to the land of Daisies and I kind of measure what I’m doing from her reactions because it must be like us going onto the set of Wizard of Oz or something. A guy in the park had asked our nanny, ‘Where’s your mom? What’s she doing?’ She goes, ‘Well, mommy’s in a cage and she’s getting dinosaur eggs and the Sleestak’s trying to hug her.’ The man was like, ‘Oh, okay. Child’s a little bit mental.’ I’m like, it is. On Monday I start back on Daisies so I had my first American accent lesson again because I stay in my accent all the time and they all threatened to come and see me and I just wouldn’t be able to. I think they’d think I’m such a wanker if I was like, [American] ‘Hi Will, hi Danny, good?’ So I start doing both on Monday. I think the two characters couldn’t be more different. Chuck’s like this and Holly’s much tougher. She doesn’t take any bullsh*t. She’s not as forgiving and sweet as Chuck.”

Holly also kicks some butt in the movie. “Yeah, loads of fight scenes. So that’s really important and then this belt becomes incredibly crucial to the part as well. I had to become quite a good master with the belts so I did lots of use it like a whip and kill lots of Sleestaks. That’s a Sleestak scar. Holly always gets beaten up. I had to learn a double head butt to knock the Sleestaks out and a bit of kickboxing. But the most major thing is with the belt. They realized a lot, they had obviously so many discussions with people who are very, very loyal to the show and don’t want to see it change. You’ve seen the Sleestak. They do look very true to the story, like a puppet and you can see the zips on the Sleestak costumes. There’s elements like with Will, because now Will is no longer my brother, Will, the character played by Danny. We still kind of tit for tat and it’s always a bit arguing and always just make constant British jokes which is incredibly insulting. ‘One more brown eye.’ All right, another British joke, and takes the p*ss out of me quite a lot of the time. So we have that relationship.”

Land of the Lost opens to theaters on June 5th.

For the poster, trailers and more movie info, go to the Land of the Lost Movie Page.
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