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Ryan Sees Star Trek!

Published May 3, 2009 in Movie Reviews
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Paramount
Star Trek Poster Star Trek Poster
I was able to check out Star Trek thanks to a screening at the Orange Block over the weekend and I am happy to report that I can't remember the last time I've had that good of time at the theater. Running at 126 minutes, the film's pace, which is reminiscent of warp speed, makes it feel like just over an hour. I'm not complaining, I have absolutely no complaints, it's just that I'm now craving more.

Review: Star Trek

Since I'm not exactly sure if I can post a review just yet, I'll quickly point out my thoughts.

First, Paramount took somewhat of a risk on the story and its er, 'alternate reality.' I'm not giving anything away, don't worry, but the film does feature some time travel, which opens up an entire array of possibilities. One such possibility being the re-launch of a franchise that doesn't necessarily have to follow the rules laid down by the original films. I really can't say more without spoiling some plot elements, but know that we can expect Star Trek sequels that do not need to have a single story line that matches up with Star Trek I - V. The keyphrases here are 'alternate' and 'time travel'. Okay, I've said too much.

Moving on, one of the primary reasons Star Trek fans will love Star Trek is because it gives focus to the importance of Spock and Kirk's relationship. This importance is hinted at repeatedly in the original series and films -- Episode II through IV very much so -- but gets much more focus here. We get to see the evolution of their relationship on different grounds, and it is not only heavily entertaining but touching as well. I'm expecting plenty of Trekkies to shed some tears of euphoria over this. Again, I'm holding off on details as I do NOT want to give anything away. Unlike plenty of films, there are plenty of surprises in Star Trek that did NOT find their way into the trailers and clips.

Shying away from plot points, I have to point out how effing entertaining Star Trek is. The film easily earns an entertainment factor of A+ with its mixture of suspense, adventure, science, action, dialogue, and humor. There is so much humor in fact that, without some of the more intense moments, Star Trek could have been listed as a comedy. It's hilarious. Expect to find yourself chuckling or laughing out loud more often then not. While some jokes will favor those with Star Trek knowledge, the punch lines are delivered in such a way that even those with no Trekkie affiliation at all will be laughing.

I don't want to ramble, and I don't want this to come off too much like a 'review,' so let me conclude that Star Trek will easily be one of the most memorable films of the summer, if not the year. Doing what some doubted, J.J. Abrams has boldly relaunched a franchise and brought wonder back to science fiction.

Oh, and I actually liked all the lens flares.
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Ryan Parsons
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