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Avatar Concept Art!

Published May 28, 2009 in Movie Pics
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of respective holders, MarketSaw
Fox is still sticking to their guns by claiming that we won't see any video from Avatar until San Diego Comic Con. I'm still thinking Transformers 2, but who knows for sure. No matter when James Cameron releases the film's first trailer, expect the marketing machine to take off from that point on.

For now, 20th Century Fox has allowed the release of concept art from the film. Hey, we'll take it...

Avatar Set Photo

The good people at MarketSaw have put up conceptual art for Avatar that not only shows off the planet, but some of the technology as well. It just so happens that the site has a huge understanding of the photo being shown, including the hardware.

And a stunning new look at AVATAR's futuristic helicopters! WHOA. What do you make of those? For those of you who have read more about AVATAR, this is probably not a AEROSPATIALE SA-2 SAMSON as they only are armed with a door gun and are mainly used for operational movement on Pandora. However if you look in the background of the Power Suit, it looks like the downed aircraft behind it is a Samson! The second photo clearly shows much more heavy weaponry - missiles for example. So it could very well be an AH-19 SCORPION gunship or a C-21 DRAGON gunship which are over 100 feet long and looks like a "giant predatory insect, with multiple canopies at the front for pilots and gunners."

Avatar Concept Art Avatar

Avatar Concept Art Avatar

Whoa is right. Check out the entire report on the Avatar concept art here.

Avatar opens to theaters on December 18th.

For the latest updates, go to the Avatar Movie Page.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of respective holders, MarketSaw

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